Water Cave

Water Cave

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By Saxon Chang

An aquamarine shore break wave is frozen in time before its power is unleashed on the beach. The delicate lace pattern on the water belies the sheer size and force of this beautiful water sculpture.

A limited edition of 500. For larger prints, please call the Galleries for pricing.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Saxon Chang is an emerging artist with a special connection to the ocean and a unique talent for capturing the subtleties and immense range of feelings that the ocean emotes. Growing up in the ocean and immersed in the process of photography through his father and mentor, Aaron Chang, Saxon’s innate talent is undeniable and has developed exponentially over the years. At its essence, Saxon’s art illustrates one of the most beautiful attributes of the human heart — Hope. We’re excited to showcase Saxon’s collection of premium pieces next to Aaron’s, continuing his legacy of excellence and passion for the ocean. Stop by our galleries to see Saxon and Aaron’s work in person at the Aaron Chang Ocean Art Galleries in Solana Beach and Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.