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$175 each with 25% off the purchase of 4 or more

  • Blue Ombre

    Blue Ombre

    Crystal clear water and bubbles from the aerated surf lace this delicate wave.

  • Reflective Embers

    Reflective Embers

    Vibrant colors of the sunset paint the beach and sky in this powerful abstract work.

  • Cardiff Longboarder

    Cardiff Longboarder

    Three palms sway as the Santa Ana winds shape a perfect wave in Cardiff-by-the-Sea. 

  • Coastal Classic

    Coastal Classic

    The iconic stretch of highway 101 passes through Carlsbad, known for its great surf and beautiful beaches.

  • Epic Encinitas

    Epic Encinitas

    Santa Ana winds shape the surf into mystically perfect sets. Captured in Del Mar at Dog Beach.

  • Moody Blues

    Moody Blues

    The crisp, light beach air is cleaned by the moving storms on a brisk winter's day.

  • Glass Dome

    Glass Dome

    Shades of blue create a perfect tube, captured in time like a glass sculpture.

  • Days End

    Days End

    A sunset paints the sky vibrant hues of orange, while the surf gently rolls to shore.

  • Cypress Sunset

    Cypress Sunset

    A weathered cypress is silhouetted majestically against the setting sun in Carmel.

  • Carmel Calm

    Carmel Calm

    Cloud wisps turn pink from the setting sun in Carmel, set against a royal blue sky.

  • Sunset Abstract

    Sunset Abstract

    Clouds on the horizon illuminate fiery red and orange, as the sun sets beneath the slate toned ocean.

  • Otter


    Aaron captures an otter pup by surprise and mid-meal in the waters of Northern California.

  • Lifeguard Tower

    Lifeguard Tower

    Summer memories come alive at the sight of a lifeguard tower, iconic for carefree days at the beach.

  • Dreams


    Golden light filters through the clouds in this dream-like scene of a sunset over the pacific.

  • Opal Wave

    Opal Wave

    The rising sun illuminates the magical chamber of a breaking wave.

  • Sunset Silhouette

    Sunset Silhouette

    A longboarder pauses after coming in from a great surf to enjoy the beauty of sunset at the beach.

“These 12” x 12” art pieces are some of our best sellers in our art galleries in Solana Beach and Carmel. This open edition assortment is the perfect way to start collecting Aaron’s work and also makes the perfect gift.

Mix and match these mini masterpieces to customize your space. From small spaces over tubs and near stairways to spacious walls above the sofa, this collection was designed for maximum impact and inspiration at a minimal price.

Using the same paper and finish as our premium limited edition pieces, which sell for $3,000 on average, this collection has been simplified to a standard 12” x 12” size at the introductory price of $175 each.

If you purchase 4 or more of these 12” x 12”s, you will get 25% off!

It’s our hope that these small works of art bring you inspiration and joy for many years to come.”

Purchase 4 or more 12” x 12”s and get 25% OFF!

New Collection of Aaron Chang's 12" x 12" Wall Art:

  • Easy to hang
  • Introductory price of $175
  • Buy 4 or More for 25% Off
  • The perfect way to start collecting Aaron’s world-renowned art
  • Add to current collection
  • Embellish side wall or smaller spaces
  • Mix & Match – tell a story with each piece you choose
  • Collect all 16 for a stunning impact on a large wall with lots of space
  • Perfect gift for a friend, family member or business associate
  • Make a big impact for a small price
  • Create your own set that will inspire for years to come

What Our Clients Say

Here's How it Works.

Buy 4 and get 25% Off : Start you collection of Authentically certified Aaron Chang art at the best price possible

Choose From 16 Images : From epic waves to serene scenes your customized collection will make a statement that will enhance space each and ervery day.

No Framing Necessary : simply put a nail or screw in the wall and slide the piece into place.

Each 12" x12" Presented on our Premium Face Mount Finish : A limited edition face mount print sells on average for $3,000. Today you can get the same presentation of our top of the line fuji Crystal Archive paper face mounted to acrylic for a fraction of th price.

A Simple Formula for Creating an Inspired Space:

“Surround Yourself with Places You Want to Go, Things You

Want to Do and Dreams You Want to Achieve.”

Who is Aaron Chang?

Aaron Chang is an award winning, internationally acclaimed artist whose fine art photography and multi media art brings inspiration and light to collectors and fans. Voted Best Artist / Gallery for the past 5 years in San Diego, Aaron is also the San Diego Tourism Authority’s “Ambassador of the Arts”.

Aaron Chang is an American-born artist, known for his exceptional ocean photography and stunning visual art. An internationally acclaimed artist, Chang has collectors all over the world and his work has been published in hundreds of books and magazines. Respected as a creative force who helped visually define the sport of surfing, Aaron spent 25 years as a Senior Photographer at Surfing magazine, traveling to the far reaches of the globe. During this time, Chang set a new standard for modern ocean photography.

Today as a fine art photographer, Aaron has owned two thriving galleries for the last 10 years — one in Solana Beach and one in Carmel. Aaron continues to travel the world, having melded his passion for the ocean and the visual arts into a successful lifelong career.

“Aaron and his team are one of my favorite go-to’s for incredible photography for my design projects. His work is incredible and I love that he has a lot of local shots that bring our gorgeous beaches and favorite surf spots indoors.”

Lori Gentile, Interior Designer

Here’s How to Save HUNDREDS of dollars

on Aaron’s Fine Art Photography INSTANTLY:

This curated collection is our way to introduce Aaron’s art to new collectors and have a thoughtful, well-priced gift. The smallest size in our limited editions start at $895 for a 16” x 24”, so we have created a value category of 12” x 12” modular, ready to hang wall art pieces at a much lower price.

Normally, a 16” x 24” signed limited edition print sells for $895 at our galleries. We consider this to be a reasonable investment, especially considering the editions of most of Aaron’s new releases are only 95. Edition runs of 95 are a great value for the collector since only 95 prints will ever be made of that image.

This new summer collection of 12” x 12”s is comprised of open edition images, which means that we are not capped at selling only 95 of them and are able to offer you a much better deal.

Fortunately, when you order from this collection, you will only pay $175 to get a certified authentic Aaron Chang piece of art. Order 4 or more and get 25% Off.

You will need nothing extra (except a nail or screw!) Create the most extraordinary room, telling the story about which elements of nature inspire you the most — or share your love of the outdoors with a friend or business associate.

This is an excellent value for these high quality, best selling pieces in our art galleries. You will not see them for sale anywhere else.

We hope these small works of art bring you great inspiration.

Build Your Customized Collection NOW

Here's How it Works.

If you would like to experience the benefits of creating an inspired space for you home or office at the lowest price possible, just choose the image you love and click the "Add to cart" Button to order. You will receive your order in 2-3 weeks

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Take the first step toward living an inspired life by surrounding yourself with a custom curated collection of world class ocean photography. If you don’t absolutely love the work, feel more inspired, energized to achieve your dreams, simply return the pieces for a 100% refund.

Aaron Chang – CEO Ocean Art Galleries

Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly is included?

Whichever 12” x 12”s you order, you will receive, along with a certificate of authenticity that the art piece is an authentic Aaron Chang image.

When will I receive my order?

Every piece is custom made to order and signed by Aaron. You can expect your order to 2-3 weeks. We will email you the confirmation of your order when it ships.

How will you ship the 12” x 12”s?

We will ship the 12” x 12”s via Fed Ex. You can choose how fast you would like your package to arrive.

What is a facemounted photo?

A Facemounted photograph is a photographic print laminated to the face of the print (top) facing the back of a sheet of acrylic.


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