Carmel By The Sea

Carmel By The Sea

My goal is for people to appreciate the
beauty that surrounds us on a daily
basis, but gets lost in our busy lives.

"A great photograph is one that
fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest
sense, about what is being photographed
and is, thereby, a true manifestation of what

one feels about life in its entirety."

- Ansel Adams


Through the Lens of Aaron Chang, 2nd Edition of my Best Selling Gallery Book

The 2nd Edition of My New Book

By: Aaron Chang


I’m truly captivated by the beauty of Carmel Beach.

I’m drawn to the white sand, pristine waters and the way the fog dances in and out of my frame. I don’t think I will ever tire of capturing the many moods of the ocean.

Last year, I opened a new gallery on Ocean Avenue in Carmel-by-the-Sea. Located on the Central Coast of California on the Monterrey Peninsula, a couple of hours south of San Francisco, Carmel is neighbors with Big Sur and truly a town of great beauty and charm. The sparkling energy of the water here is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I love the abundance of wildlife and the beauty of the trees. They’ve been sculpted over time by the winds that come off the ocean, telling a silent story of strength and depth.

The cover of this book was captured on Carmel Beach. I’ve titled this photo, Pacific Green and it’s available in my galleries as a limited edition release. I love the deep green foliage that comes all the way to the white sandy beach. You can see the color of the ocean here is unlike anything I have ever seen. It ranges from a deep emerald to turquoise on warm summer days.

This book contains web links to my behind-the-scenes stories about my photos around Carmel. The purpose is to give more in-depth inspiration about images that move you.

It’s my hope that this book inspires you to appreciate the beauty, so abundant on this planet.

Next time you’re in Carmel, come by and say hello.




The Aaron Chang Ocean Art Gallery Experience

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